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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Snacktools.com is a website that provides some really innovative and useful web apps. I had a student teacher in the fall of 2012 that came across this site. He used Flipsnack to create a digital picture book of our 1st graders' work. To create this digital flip style book, you simply upload PDF documents and let Flipsnack to the rest. Flipsnack creates awesome, digital flipbooks. Click the picture below to see our example or here.

Another tool that we have utilized in our classroom is PhotoSnack. My kids have been using Skitch to type over pictures. We recently completed an activity for MLK Day. Working with our buddy class, we came up with a list of "big words." This was completed after watching a short film about Martin's Big Words. Each kid took their picture with the iPad and then typed their "big words" on their picture. In the end, we combined all of our "big word" pictures and used PhotoSnack to create a photo slideshow to post on our blog. Click on the picture below to see PhotoSnack in action or click here

Snacktools has been a simple tool to create some great digital artifacts to share with the world.